Which Halloween Candy Is Best for Your Kid’s Teeth?

Published on October 06, 2017 | News

Candy isn’t good for your or your child’s teeth, but there is a spectrum of which types of candy can do the most damage. Although sugar-free gum is typically the best bet1, it’s unlikely your kids will get much of that in their candy pails this Halloween.

Unless all your neighbors are dentists, your kid’s Halloween pail will probably be chock full of candy bars, hard candies, and chewy gummies. Here are common Halloween candies ranked from least-damaging to horror-fying for your kid’s teeth!

Friendliest to teeth: Chocolate

In general, chocolate washes off teeth easier than other types of candy.2

When choosing which types of chocolate to give to your kids, remember that dark chocolate often has less sugar than milk chocolate, which is a good thing for teeth.

Beware of sticky fillings like caramel which cling onto teeth and allow cavity-causing bacteria to break down tooth enamel.2

Not so great: Hard candy

Hard candy stays in your child’s mouth longer than other candy, so their teeth are exposed to cavity-creating sugar for a greater amount of time.2

Instead of chewing the candy and swallowing it, hard candy sits in the mouth as it slowly dissolves. But beyond the longer exposure to sugar, hard candy can break teeth, especially if your kids try to chew it.2

Worst for your teeth: Sticky candy and powders

Sticky candy gets stuck in the grooves of your child’s teeth, giving bacteria more time to dig cavities.1

Sour candy that is sticky is also acidic, which weakens tooth enamel and increases the risk of cavities.2

Powdery candy is possibly the most dangerous. It’s pretty much just dumping straight sugar into the mouth, and cavity-causing bacteria will love to feast on it.3

Whether it’s Halloween or not, cavities are an ever-present threat. Learn 6 ways to keep your kids’ teeth cavity-free >


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